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Our mission is to make sure that everyone's voice is heard loud and clear .


ROBERT F. KENNEDY, Jr. , also known as RFK, Jr., is an accomplished  environmental lawyer.  He is clearly, highly educated. He obtained his undergrad degree from Harvard , followed by obtaining a JD from the University of Virginia and then an LLM degree (Master of Laws degree) from Pace University. 


Most everyone is already familiar with his large family, their political history and their decades-long dedication to helping as many people as possible. 


RFK, Jr. is the son of Robert Kennedy (Senator & U.S. Attorney General) and the nephew of Ted Kennedy (Senator) and  John F. Kennedy (President).


On October 9th, 2023, RFK, Jr. announced he was running as an Independent for President of the United Sates in 2024.


Considering the U.S. Economy, Foreign Policy, Education, the environment and a myriad of critically important political issues that impact so many lives, we objectively believe RFK, Jr. is what our country needs now and going forward.  


Join our cause today and help RFK, Jr. make history. 


Thank you for your consideration.


ROBERT F. KENNEDY, Jr. & cheryl hines.

Obviously, RFK, Jr. biggest supporter, is his wife, Cheryl Hines. 

Cheryl, first met RFK, Jr. in 2012. They have been married since 2014.


First and foremost, Cheryl is a very proud mom to her daughter.        

After Cheryl graduated from the University of Central Florida,  she became a highly accomplished comedian and actress & director appearing in more than 75 Films and TV shows.                                             

In Cheryl’s highly successful Film & TV career, she is perhaps best known for her still active starring role on the HBO show, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM .     


Incidentally, it was actually her CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM co-star that introduced Cheryl to RFK, Jr. back in 2012 .   

Still, despite all of her tremendous success, this next chapter with RFK, Jr. and Cheryl Hines, is still just the beginning of something phenomenal for our country.

Thank you for your consideration.