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Info & FAQs


A Super PAC, like Honest Government 24, is a specific type of Political Action Committee ( PAC) that per the US Supreme Court, is legally permitted to raise and spend larger amounts of money than the amounts allowed under a “traditional PAC”.


A Super PAC, such as Honest Government 24, can accept UNLIMITED contributions from individuals and organizations (such as corporations and labor unions) and spend unlimited amounts in support of a candidate but that cannot directly contribute money to or work directly in concert with the candidate it is supporting.

Individuals (U. S. citizens or green card holders ) business entities, including corporations , unions and other groups, may donate UNLIMITED amounts .

However, it is very important to note that foreign nationals and federal contractors are strictly prohibited from making donations to Super PACS.


Any individual or corporate donor can make donations via credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express , Discover or via ACH  , which is a draft directly from your bank account ) .

Of course, we want any potential donor or supporter to be completely happy with their donation .

However, if the donor feels that they made a donation in error, they must contact us , HONEST GOVERNMENT 24, in writing within fifteen (15) days of  the date their donation was made and request a refund in writing via email.

EMAIL: Support@Honestgovernment24.ORG







970 Seacoast Drive, Suite 7

Imperial Beach, CA 91932



You nor your business can NOT deduct political contributions, donations, on your tax return.

While charitable donations are generally tax-deductible, any donations made to political organizations such as a Super PAC, are NOT.